At the core of Penerley’s values is our focus on delivering results. Penerley is an approachable and responsive firm with a commitment to providing competent legal services. We pride ourselves on our clients’ satisfaction with our services.

The services we provide are bolstered by our deep legal knowledge in a wide range of specialist areas of law. We work with both public and private clients to protect, strengthen, and advance their interests. We provide strategic business advice to ensure that our business clients minimise their regulatory risks and maximise their full growth potential.

With our expertise in various regions of the world, we are able to provide cross-jurisdiction advice to clients with international interests. We are able to provide detailed legal advice on specific matters or work with clients on their business operations over a period of time.


  • Legal Advice
  • Legal Representation
  • Document Review
  • Drafting
  • Legal Research
  • Inquiries & Reports
  • Training


  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)


We provide legal consultancy services and act as outside legal counsel to businesses. Businesses continuously face evolving changes in the market, from regulatory risks to competing market interests.

Many businesses today do not have the need or resources to employ full-time in-house lawyers, and this is where Penerley comes in. Through our consultancy service, we are able to act as legal counsel to businesses and manage their legal interests including their day-to-day affairs, crisis issues, and regulatory compliance. The businesses we work with find that this innovative structure is cost effective without compromising the quality of legal services.



With our deep legal knowledge and legal expertise in varied areas of law we have the specialist knowledge and know how to provide full legal advice from the outset to the completion of any project.

We offer the full remit of legal advice to clients from a wide range of industries. Our clients range in size and revenue. Some of our clients include financial institutions, charities, tech-startups, property firms, landlords, and tenants.

We routinely advise clients on complex matters, helping them understand their legal rights and responsibility and so minimising their exposures. This underlines Penerley’s competency in providing strong legal advice with the advancement and protection of our clients’ interests at the centre of what we do.

We have a forward thinking approach to our advisory service and focus on delivering advice that is practical and thorough.


Our lawyers have wide-ranging expertise in both domestic and international work, acting for private and public clients.

We have the capacity to carry out independent inquiries and research. Our lawyers have the experience of carrying out detailed research and inquiries into a wide range of issues from various industries.

Our highly regarded reputation for our reports is well-earned by combining technical expertise, tenacity, and dedication to ensure that the work gets done. We keep our clients updated during the course of the project to ensure that they can monitor the development of the project. Upon completion of our inquiry and research, our lawyers will produce a detailed report.

We are also experts in reviewing inquiries and research produced by third parties. In particular, we are regularly instructed by our clients to review and advise on inquiries and research produced by governments and public bodies.

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