Flexible Pricing Options

When seeking legal assistance, cost is often a primary concern for clients. At Penerley, we offer various payment options to make our services more accessible and manageable. Here are some common arrangements:

Hourly Rate

The standard method of charging is through an hourly rate. Under this straightforward arrangement you pay for the actual time spent on your case, with rates varying based on the solicitor's expertise.

Fixed Fees

If you are seeking predictability in your legal expenses, fixed fees are an attractive option. In this arrangement, we agree on a set prices for specific services or the entire case, providing predictability in legal expenses. Fixed fees are commonly used for routine legal services. 

Conditional Fee Agreements (No Win, No Fee)

Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs), popularly known as "no win, no fee" arrangements. Under a CFA, you pay our fees only if the case is successful, though you might still be liable for disbursements in your case. This arrangement reduces the client's financial risk.

Damages-Based Agreements (DBAs)

Similar to CFAs, under Damages-Based Agreements we receive a percentage of the damages awarded to you. If your case is unsuccessful, you do not pay our fees.

Payment by Instalments

To make legal services more affordable, we offer payment plans that allow clients to pay their fees in instalments. This arrangement spreads the cost over a set period, easing the financial burden. Payment by instalments can be particularly beneficial for clients with limited immediate funds. 

Retainer Agreements

Under a retainer agreement you pay a set fee upfront to secure our services for ongoing or future legal work. The retainer fee acts as a down payment against which we charge our hourly rate or fixed fees. This arrangement ensures that we are available when needed and can be beneficial for businesses or individuals who require regular legal assistance.

Combination Arrangements

In certain situations, we may offer you the option to combine two or more of the payment options to meet your financial capabilities. A typical arrangement under this option is to combine an hourly rate or fixed fee with a damages-based agreement to offer you flexibility in how you pay for your legal services. 

Pro Bono Services

In some cases, we may offer our services for free, known as pro bono work. This is typically reserved for a set number of clients per year who cannot afford legal fees and are facing significant legal issues.

Choosing the Right Option

Choosing the right option depends on your financial situation and case complexity. We welcome open discussions about financial constraints to ensure necessary legal support without undue stress. By offering a variety of payment arrangements, we help clients manage costs effectively while accessing the legal services they need.