Our lawyers are trained and very experienced in negotiating complex high-value deals. As business lawyers, we understand the sensitivities around negotiating a deal, especially when the parties involved have to work together to deliver the negotiated deal.

Negotiation is often the earliest phase of resolution of any dispute. Having recognised that there are differences, we may enter into discussions on behalf of our clients to resolve the situation through negotiations. This process is likely to arise at any stage of a dispute, whether or not it progresses to ADR, litigation, letting the matter drop or finalising the negotiated agreement by contract. Our lawyers are experienced in acting for clients at every stage of the process. Indeed, we regularly represent our clients at Joint Settlement Meetings.

When negotiations conclude, we would agree terms, in the most appropriate manner, on behalf of our clients. Depending on the context and the nature of the agreement the terms may be agreed verbally or by contract. 

Any connected proceedings may be stayed by way of a Tomlin order, on terms which are included in a schedule to the order, leaving either party with the right to apply to the court to enforce the order without having to recommence litigation.

We focus on results and that is why clients rely on us to negotiate on their behalf when it matters most.

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