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We are able to offer either face-to-face or virtual appointments. 

We are open on normal working days from 9.00 to 18.00. Outside of these opening

hours, please write to us at

We encourage clients to book an appointment before visiting our office to ensure that someone is available to discuss your matter during your visit.

The person(s) who will carry out all or the majority of the work on your matter is or are shown on the engagement letter or email. 

On a regular basis, we will let you know what is happening with your matter. We will let you know what legal and other work we are carrying out for you as your matter advances. We may do this in writing, by telephone or by email or by other means such as virtual or face-to-face meeting, subject to your agreement.

We will let you know whether the results that you are seeking or the goals that you wish to achieve are worth pursuing set against the amount that you will need to spend on legal fees (including our fees), other costs and any risks that you might face. We will keep you informed where there is a significant change in circumstances.

As lawyers, we have both a professional and a legal obligation to keep your affairs confidential. These obligations of confidentiality are not absolute. In certain circumstances, we may have a duty under the law to make a disclosure.

We charge for the work that we do in a number of possible ways:

  1. you pay us a fixed amount;
  2. we estimate the likely amount of our fees; or
  3. our fees are based on the amount of time that we spend dealing with your matter.

We will inform you of of our method of charging in your case which would depend on the nature of your case.

Where we provide you with a fixed quote or an estimate for our fees, we do so based on our view of the amount of work that will be necessary to deal with a matter. If the matter becomes more complex than expected then the quoted fee may later be adjusted upwards. We will let you know if this applies to your matter.

If your matter is not concluded we will still charge for the time that we have spent and the disbursements and expenses that we have incurred on your behalf. You will still be expected to pay our charges and expenses.

Yes, you can terminate your instructions to us in writing at any time.  However, if you have not paid all the sums owing to us, we are entitled to keep your papers and documents until you do so.

Our lawyers are registered and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) as well as other legal regulators. However, the firm itself is not regulated by SRA.

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